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Welcome to Refsure, the website for managing employment referencing.
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Refsure dramatically reduces the administrative burden associated with issuing employment references for past employees.


We take data security seriously and encrypt data at rest and during transit to the best possible standards. All our systems are regularly tested and monitored.


Employers who outsource to Refsure have the reassurance of knowing their duty of care to past employees is being executed by a fast, efficient and reliable method. As a fully automated process, Refsure is able to guarantee 100% accuracy while ensuring employers have the option to override the automated process if unique reference requirements apply.

Cost Effective

By simply uploading employee data directly from payroll records on a weekly basis and paying a nominal administration fee each time this data is accessed, employers can fully outsource their referencing burden and dramatically reduce operational overheads.


Whether for employment, tenancy or credit purposes, Refsure offers a quicker, more reliable route to employment verification.


With records updated within 7 days of the Candidate’s last date of employment, authorised reference requestors can gain 24-7 instant access to employee data.

Team collaboration

Refsure has been designed to support both individual users with one-off referencing requirements and team collaboration for repeat referencing. Team access allows you to manage your referencing in a team environment with multiple users able to view and share request and response data. This helps to avoid duplication and ensure effective reference management during periods of absence.

User experience

Refsure has been designed with ease of use in mind, the general design is like any online shopping cart with a flat clean look and feel. Refsure will also work on tablets and mobile devices.